Who’s Supporting Kathleen James?

Jeff Wilson (Former State Representative, Manchester)

It’s more than a tad disillusioning to see how so many politicians, especially at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, have come to shamelessly abandon the core traditional values that made America great. Integrity, honesty, ethical behavior, the rule of law and simple common decency seem to be in very short supply these days. Thankfully, in Kathleen James, we have a candidate running for the Vermont House who not only understands and embraces the basic tenets of American democracy, but has the intellect, capacity and commitment to represent the Northshire as an outstanding legislator.

By electing such a capable and principled candidate as Kathleen, we will not only be sending an exceptional State Rep to Montpelier, we’ll also be doing our part in rejecting all of the destructive beliefs that have come to permeate our political system over the past couple of years.

Rev. Dr. Steve Berry (Former State Representative, Manchester)

Kathleen James will bring honesty, integrity, and clarity to the legislature. She listens to others and works well with them. She has the ability to blend her gifts of heart and mind in a manner that produces positive results. She is a deep thinker, an outstanding writer and an accomplished community organizer. Most importantly, she is a committed mother and friend who believes in democracy, in community and in unequivocally standing up for what is right.

Her vision is one that I share, which is that every Vermonter—not just the upwardly mobile—have a claim on our common American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She will work to make that dream become reality and that is why I am strongly endorsing her.

Bob Stannard (Former State Representative, Manchester)

I’ve known Kathleen James for quite some time and I can attest to the fact that she will be an extraordinary State Representative. She will represent the citizens of Manchester, Sunderland, Sandgate and Arlington with grace, dignity and passion.

Kathleen is one of those rare people that we get to meet once in a lifetime. She’s wicked smart; has more energy than ten people and is extremely dedicated to leaving this place better than she found it.

Having served three terms in the Vermont House, I know from experience what it takes to be a good legislator. Kathleen James is destined to be a great leader and I am honored to lend my voice to the chorus of support for her candidacy as our representative in Montpelier.

Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman (Hinesburg)

When I first met Kathleen, I could tell she was a special person. Her passion for the issues, balanced with her thoughtful approach to listening and absorbing information from different perspectives, is a perfect combination for being a legislator. In a day when the political world has become so polarized, having someone who is ready to break bread with anyone is a welcome sight. It’s important to have core values and community goals, but it’s equally important to thoughtfully respect and consider other points of view. Kathleen will bring these traits to the Statehouse, and I look forward to helping her in any way that I can.

Dr. Edward Cameron (Manchester resident and global climate change specialist)

For more than 20 years, I have been fortunate to work with political representatives all around the world. I have known exceptional public servants who take the time to know their neighbors; conduct public business with transparency, integrity, impartiality, in a spirit of collaboration; and with a solid understanding of the trends shaping our world.

When I first met Kath James, I was struck by her passion for her community, her personal warmth, her ability to understand and communicate complex issues, and her strength of character. I have seen firsthand her capacity to listen to many views while being consistent and true to her core values. I have watched her prepare to run for office by prioritizing substance over soundbites, spending the hard hours interrogating the issues that impact this community. I have no doubt that she would be a strong and informed advocate, championing the issues that matter to all of us, irrespective of party affiliation, including jobs, healthcare, and caring for our common home by building a thriving and sustainable green economy.

Most importantly, I am convinced she would make us proud to be her constituents through her service and personal conduct. She would be a model public servant and an example for others to follow in the State Capitol. I offer my loud and proud support and encourage others to elect Kath our next State Rep!

 Pat Musick and Jerry Carr (“The Artist and the Astronaut,” Manchester)

We have known Kathleen personally for a decade, and the main thing that stands out about her is integrity. She generates an aura of honesty, dedication and enthusiasm, and has an inclusive open mind. These characteristics are all so important to the renewal of our political system.