Community Testimonials

Susan Borden (Bennington): An Analysis of Joe Gervais
“As we know, Mr. Gervais went to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 — to pray that the presidential election be overturned, he says, not to storm the Capitol. Respecting and upholding election results, especially when they go against you, is about as basic an obligation as an elected representative in a democracy can have.”

Ed and Lynne Campbell (Manchester)
“Kathleen and Seth share important values: they work hard, they are highly respected and will listen to all points of view. These are positive qualities that we now desperately need in Montpelier, and everywhere.” 

Annie D’Olivo (Manchester)
“Kathleen James has my support. She had a prominent voice on the Climate Solutions Caucus as co vice-chair … I agree that Vermont should lead the nation in building a green economy while tackling climate change. Kath and Seth also support three issues close to my heart: a comprehensive public education for all children supported by statewide access to broadband, livable wages for all Vermonters, and affordable housing.”

Eric Rickstad (East Arlington): Gervais is Wrong for Vermont
“We need representatives who base decisions on facts, not on disinformation and ideology.”

Bob Stannard and Alison Stannard (Manchester)
“They are smart, experienced and clearly the best two people for this job.”

Jonathan and Thomas West (Manchester)
“In this interconnected society, many areas in our region do not have access to quality, affordable internet. Kathleen and Seth have been instrumental in bridging that gap across the state of Vermont.”

Sunjit Chawla, Manchester (Arlington)
“I cannot imagine anyone in good conscience voting for their opponent, someone who does not firmly believe in our democracy and our free and fair elections, someone who was in Washington on January 6 to participate in the potential overturning of the results of a free, fair and democratic election.”

Jeff and Jackie Wilson (Manchester)
“They understand the needs, wants and desires of our friends and neighbors in the Northshire, and have devoted substantial energy to address our state’s daunting challenges associated with public education, the environment, affordable housing and child care.”

Merrill Bent and Jared Bianchi (Sunderland)
“Among our most dire concerns is the lack of housing throughout the state. It is urgent, and it is also frustrating to see the political process stand in the way of that urgency. But Reps. James and Bongartz organized and took action, and have made demonstrable progress on this issue, of critical importance in our district.”

Jeff and Ginny Dexter (Sunderland)
“One example is their laser focus on climate change and its vast effects on all of us. They voted yes on legislation that helps us weatherize our homes, improve our electric car incentives and charging network, and switch over to cleaner, more reliable and affordable heat.”

Jim Baker (Arlington)
“Kathleen and Seth have spent a great deal of time talking, listening and reacting to the needs of Arlington. As the former executive director of the Arlington Area Renewal Project, I can attest to the efforts put forth — both Kathleen and Seth have represented us well, and we need them to continue to work on the issues important to Arlington.”

Ursula and Ed Knowles, Manchester
“Kath and Seth are both strongly committed to maintaining our longstanding tradition of school choice, an issue that will be a hot topic in the upcoming session. They are both leaders on child care and have been endorsed by Let’s Grow Kids as ‘child care champions.’”

Brad Handlin, Manchester Center
“Taking a little time to study the candidates is a small price to pay for our future. Reps. Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz are working hard in Montpelier to build a better future for us and for generations that will follow.”

Stephanie Moffett-Hynds and Stan Hynds, Arlington
“They understand our needs and have formed strong coalitions in Montpelier to address them. They seek out and listen to their constituents’ thoughts through regular coffee hours, and their newsletters keep us informed. We are deeply grateful for their positive, forward-thinking, constructive work on behalf of us all.”

Carl Bucholt, Manchester
“Kathleen and Seth have supported intelligent solutions to address climate change with more sustainable, more affordable choices for heating and transportation that benefit all Vermonters. They also support affordable health care, universal broadband, public education, small businesses and local farms, addiction services, working families and a woman’s right to choose.”