Bennington-4: Manchester | Arlington | Sunderland | Sandgate


I’m Kathleen James, and I’m running for the state legislature to represent Manchester, Arlington, Sunderland and Sandgate (Bennington-4).

I’m running because I care deeply about the Northshire and the values that it represents:
community, compassion and resilience.

  • Taking care of our families, friends and neighbors
  • Seeking common ground, being open-minded
  • Finding creative solutions that help people and move us forward together

These values define the Northshire and they define me.

I believe we’ve reached a time in our nation’s history when we’re all being challenged to think hard about what we stand for. And to stand up and take action for the things that matter most.


Photo credit: Orah Moore

As a Democrat, I believe everyone deserves equal access to healthcare, housing, education, childcare and jobs. I believe we must protect the environment—our land, water and air—not only today, but for future generations of Vermonters.

I care about providing people with the tools they need—knowledge, training, access and
resources—to transform their own lives and the lives of their families and communities.

By joining my campaign, you’re supporting these values — values that have defined this state, and this great nation, for generations.


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