Bennington-4: Manchester | Arlington | Sunderland | Sandgate


I’m Kathleen James, and I represent the towns of Manchester, Arlington, Sandgate and part of Sunderland (Bennington-4) in the Vermont House of Representatives.

As a Democrat, I believe strongly in fairness and equality.

I believe that everyone deserves equal access to jobs, education and affordable healthcare, housing and childcare. I believe that when we level the playing field and provide people with these important tools, we all benefit — as individuals, as families, as communities and as a society.

I believe we must protect the environment — working for clean air, clean water and healthy land and forests — not only for today, but for future generations. I believe we must act now to address climate change, enacting thoughtful, equitable policies that protect the most vulnerable — especially low-income and rural Vermonters — while building the sustainable economy of the future.


Photo credit: Orah Moore

In my work in Montpelier and here at home, I am guided by these personal values:
• Honesty and transparency
• Respect for constituents and colleagues
• Clear, consistent communication
• Taking care of families, friends and neighbors
• Seeking common ground, being open-minded
• Finding collaborative solutions that help people and move us forward together

I believe we’ve reached a time in our nation’s history when we’re all being challenged to think hard about what we stand for. And to stand up and take action for the things that matter most. I ran for office because I believe that change begins with all of us.

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