Campaign 2020

Want to help?

I’m proud to be running for re-election to represent the Bennington-4 district — Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate and most of Sunderland — in the Vermont House of Representatives. And I’m even more proud to be running on a strong Democratic ticket with local and state community leader Seth Bongartz. 

The primary is on August 11 and the general election is on November 3. This is a two-seat district and we’re running together because we believe we can be an effective team for this district.

In my first term as a state rep, I served on the Education Committee and was appointed to the six-state New England Board of Higher Education. I worked with a bipartisan group of legislators to found the Tourism Caucus and was elected to the leadership team of the Climate Solutions Caucus. I’ve been an effective advocate for paid family leave, strong schools, and climate action in the context of a sustainable green economy. I was also named one of three “Rising Stars” by Vermont Conservation Voters.

Here at home, I helped to form the Southern Vermont Communications Union District, which was named one of 12 vital economic projects for our region. The CUD just won a $60,000 grant and is working to bring broadband to underserved roads and regions in Bennington County.

Seth has a long history of local leadership. When he served previously in the legislature, he led work on affordable housing and the environment. He’s a well-known community leader, having served as town moderator, helping to found the Manchester Community Land Trust, for his work chairing the Burr and Burton board of trustees and as a founder of The Shires, a county-wide organization with the mission of tying the county together both socially and economically. He is perhaps best known for his work as President of Hildene, an organization he helped transform from a house museum to a world-class cultural heritage site that draws thousands and thousands of people to the area each year.

Nobody in the legislature gets anything done by themselves. In the professional workplace of the statehouse, you get results by working well with your colleagues. We both have proven track records — a demonstrated ability to get things done through the right combination of leadership and collaboration. Even as we look forward to working closely together for the benefit of our district, we’re also independent people and independent thinkers. We may not always vote exactly the same, but we’ll always work effectively with each other, with our colleagues in Montpelier, and with the people we serve.

We will work hard to earn the trust and respect of our fellow legislators, and we will work hard to earn that same trust and respect from the people of the towns we represent. We ask for your support in the upcoming election. We can’t win without your help.