Moffett-Hynds and Stan Hynds, Arlington

We are writing in strong support of the reelection of Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz as our steadfast representatives in the Legislature.

While we could write about the many important ways in which they are thoughtfully and effectively serving our community, we focus here on their proven track record in the following three areas: affordable housing, climate action and accessibility. As we all know, affordable housing is in critically short supply. Over the past several years, Reps. James and Bongartz have supported the Legislature’s investment of more than $375 million in housing programs and services.

Last fall, they tackled the issue in a hands-on way by organizing the Vermont Housing Summit at the Arlington Common. This well-attended public event brought together key players in the Vermont housing community to share information and case studies about the nuts-and-bolts work of getting housing built in our communities. They followed through with the commitments made in Arlington by introducing a bill — now signed into law — that makes it easier to build housing in rural towns like Arlington and Sunderland. This is huge for us.

James and Bongartz understand the reality of climate change and the catastrophic effects it is having, and will have, even in Vermont. They take every opportunity to turn a negative into a positive, embracing the burgeoning green economy to bolster our resiliency. They recognize this proven truth: States that lead will come out on top.

Finally, we have been impressed with how closely both of them have stayed in contact with the people of Arlington and our neighboring towns. They understand our needs and have formed strong coalitions in Montpelier to address them. They seek out and listen to their constituents’ thoughts through regular coffee hours, and their newsletters keep us informed. We are deeply grateful for their positive, forward-thinking, constructive work on behalf of us all.

James and Bongartz have our votes.

Stan Hynds and Stephanie Moffett-Hynds