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Im always so moved by the Memorial Day parade that passes by my house on its way to the Factory Point Cemetery, and never more so than today. A debt of gratitude for all who serve our country.Image attachment

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Did not even know they were doing one!

Glad a few folks did a safe little parade.

Today I presented a bill on the House floor via Zoom. In H.957, we voted to give schools and childcare centers more time to test their water for lead contamination — and remediate any failed taps or sinks — in light of the current COVID-19 building closures. 

The testing program was running ahead of its original deadline, but school buildings have to be open — with water running regularly through the pipes — in order for the samples to be accurate. The results to date are all posted at the Vermont Department of Health website for anyone whod like to take a look:


Pic shows Clerk of the House Bill MaGill, me, Speaker Johnson and Minority Leader Pattie McCoy. All of our proceedings are broadcast live on YouTube, so you need to be handy with the mute/unmute and make sure your dog/kids/spouse/etc arent kicking around in the background. :)

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Kathleen James, this initiative is one of the most important to keep our communities healthy. Thanks for providing the link to read test results for schools that already completed their testing. WOW, to think some students spend 9 years and teachers and faculty spend decades in some of the rooms and buildings.

Hello, constituents: Just a friendly reminder: The best way to reach me or to ask a question is through my legislative email address: KJames@leg.state.vt.us. Its very difficult to track and respond to questions sent over social media. Thank you!
On Friday, the House of Reps gave preliminary approval to the Supplemental FY2020 Budget Adjustment bill (H.953). As the fiscal year draws to its June 30 close, this bill will reallocate dollars and authorize coronavirus relief funds in light of the unprecedented, and obviously unanticipated, COVID-19 expenses. H.953 balances the FY20 budget — a critical step as we look toward FY21. Heres a graphic that gives a rundown on H.953.
Today, Seth Bongartz and I filed our statements of candidacy to represent the Bennington-4 district — Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate and western Sunderland — in the Vermont House of Representatives. This is a two-seat district and we’re running together because we believe we can be an effective team for this district. The primary is August 11.

To maintain social distance, Seth delivered his paperwork to me with a handy six-foot pitchfork, and I dropped the docs into a box outside Town Hall. Hows that for teamwork?

To learn more and sign up for our newsletters, click on the link below.

https://mailchi.mp/9b2f83249c0d/james-and-bongartz-2020-kickoffImage attachmentImage attachment

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Couldn't be prouder to have you, Kathleen, serving our district now and if Seth is your teammate of choice I look forward to voting for you both in November.


Way to go Kath! Besides you and Alex I know 2 people in Vermont. I’ll find out if they are in your district!!


What a great team!!!!!

Go get 'em - with you all the way!!

Run Team Run!

Woo Hoo!

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An important reminder: As Vermont slowly starts to re-open, its more important than ever to maintain social distancing and wear a cloth face mask whenever you go out. Be sure your nose and mouth are covered, tie it snugly, and keep it on until you get home. Its a very minor hassle that needs to be our new normal for now. It may not be mandatory, but its recommended by the @Vermont Department of Health and its the right thing to do.

In todays op-ed, the AARP Vermont gets it exactly right: With quick action by state officials we can safeguard our health, safety, and our right to vote in the upcoming August primary and November general election. 

Older Vermonters should not have to risk their lives or their health to exercise their right to vote. AARP Vermont is recommending that the state take steps to send an absentee ballot to all registered voters in Vermont. 

Governor Scott says we should wait and see. AARP disagrees. Im with AARP! Lets vote by mail in 2020.


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I'm with AARP also

Also voted with VPRIG

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson has launched an Idea Bank for the future of the Vermont State College system. If you have a succinct, unique idea, please send it to me by email, and Ill submit it for you! KJames@leg.state.vt.us.