Promises to You

As your representative in Montpelier, I will make three important promises to my
constituents in Manchester, Arlington, Sunderland and Sandgate.

  1. I will listen to you: I have spent much of my career working as a professional journalist. I listen carefully to people’s stories and points of view.  I conduct extensive research, I explore all sides of an issue, and I know how to discern fact from opinion. I will bring these skills to the state legislature.
  2. I will work toward bipartisan solutions: Though I’m a proud Democrat, I grew up in a moderate Republican family. I respect people and ideas from all parties and I believe that bipartisan solutions, forged from conversation and reasonable compromise, are the most powerful and enduring path to lasting progress.
  3. I will keep you informed: You deserve to know where where I stand—and how I’m voting as your legislator—in Montpelier. If elected, I commit to holding regular constituent meetings and office hours across our district, sending an online newsletter to anyone interested in receiving it, and publishing regular updates on social media and in the local papers. You will not have to dig into a database to understand my voting record, or wonder what I believe.

As your representative in Montpelier, I can’t promise that we’ll agree on every issue. But I can promise that I will listen, that I will do my homework, and that I will work hard to represent all of us in the statehouse. As my favorite T-shirt says: Not Right. Not Left. Forward.


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