Jeff and Ginny Dexter, Sunderland

On Nov. 8, we’re casting our votes in the Bennington-4 District for current state Reps. Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz.

Both of these fine Vermonters have proven over and over again that they value hearing from their constituents through many resident-outreach activities. They’ve then taken that feedback to help pass legislation that has definitely helped all District-4 (and state) residents with important issues like housing (short and long term); child care (making it much more affordable); and, most important, climate change mitigation.

COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have caused tough economic times for all of us. The state was the recipient of an unprecedented amount of taxpayers’ federal dollars. Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz have had the vision to help get those dollars into areas that benefit families greatly.

One example is their laser focus on climate change and its vast effects on all of us. They voted yes on legislation that helps us weatherize our homes, improve our electric car incentives and charging network, and switch over to cleaner, more reliable and affordable heat.

Nov. 8 is fast approaching. With voter suppression and attacks on our democracy rampant in our nation, it’s crucial for all registered voters to vote (via mail-in or in-person). For the race in Bennington-4, we urge everyone — of all parties — to vote for Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz: proven and practical representatives of the people.

Jeff and Ginny Dexter