Brad Handlin, Manchester Center

Taking a little time to study the candidates is a small price to pay for our future. Reps. Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz are working hard in Montpelier to build a better future for us and for generations that will follow.

On Kathleen’s website ( she states, “In Vermont, regular citizens can have a powerful and effective voice.” Whatever the size of the issue, Kathleen has been there for us. Last year, there was glass in a parking area off Route 7A. I emailed Kathleen, and she got it taken care of quickly. It’s a small example of how responsive Kath and Seth are: When constituents reach out, they make it a top priority.

Kathleen has been a leader on climate change in Montpelier, advocating for policies that help Vermonters. She’s also served on special panels that made real progress on higher education and education finance. She is the assistant majority leader and serves on the New England Board of Higher Education.

We are fortunate to have Seth representing us. As a lawyer, he specialized in land use and Act 250. This makes him a key player on vital issues like housing and conservation. He was also president of Hildene for 18 years. These experiences have been a great asset on the Natural Resources Committee and the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules. His website is

Seth and Kathleen serve on the Rural Caucus. I will be voting for James and Bongartz.…/article_b878b12c…

Brad Handlin

Manchester Center