Stephanie and Stan Hynds (Arlington)

To the Editor:
We support Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz to serve as our representatives to the
legislature. They care about people and they care about policy. These are hard times for a lot of
our friends and neighbors. Absent a budget deal in Congress, Vermont will have to make very
hard decisions about how to spend a severely restricted budget. The platform Kathleen and
Seth have posted on their webpages is comprehensive and forward-looking. If you can, please
take the time to read it.
The pandemic has cost people their jobs; they need help. Many of our small businesses are in
dire straits. We have a childcare crisis which leaves some children behind and makes it
impossible for some parents to work. We need more affordable housing. There are glimmers of
hope as more people move to southern Vermont with their families and their businesses.
Tackling climate change is an economic opportunity and the states that get there first will gain
the most benefits. We need to capitalize on these opportunities by extending broadband
everywhere and keeping energy dollars here in Vermont.
Kathleen and Seth are deeply connected to our district. They have raised their families here and
have dedicated themselves for years to volunteer work on boards and committees. They have
boundless energy and understand our needs and our dreams. They have the kind of
interpersonal skills needed to be effective legislators. Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz focus
on people and policy — exactly what we need right now. We urge you to give them your
Stephanie and Stan Hynds