Merrill Bent (Sunderland)

I’m voting for Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz to represent us in the legislature.
Last week’s Manchester Journal featured a letter from Ed Campbell endorsing
Kathleen and Seth. He referenced the many people in our district making efforts
to improve the lives of others and the fact they need positive, constructive people
connecting them to Montpelier.
I am one of those people. I was involved in selecting a new Town Administrator
for the Town of Arlington. That position will spur on important capital
improvements and additional funding through grant-writing efforts, allowing
Arlington to progress on its own terms. It is important that our municipal leaders
can depend on our legislators for support—without fanfare or grandstanding. We
need people like Kathleen and Seth, willing to help in those efforts in any way
they can to create a wind at our backs so that our communities can thrive.
Seth and Kathleen have boundless energy, track records of success, and care
deeply. They have earned our support.
Merrill Bent (Sunderland)