Meg Kenny and Todd Ameden ( Manchester Center)

We write to express our strong support for the election of Kathleen James and
Seth Bongartz as our representatives to the legislature.
The next couple of years are going to be focused on recovery from the impacts of
the pandemic. Lodging properties and restaurants, along with dozens of other
small businesses, are struggling to survive. Through no fault of their own, people
have lost their jobs and struggle to pay their bills. As schools struggle to provide a
consistent schedule, it is hard for both parents to work, putting that much more
financial pressure on families.
While the difficulties are obvious, the solutions are not. No single person is going
to know the right path forward. That path will emerge from thoughtful, caring
people working with other thoughtful, caring people. We want people in the
legislature we trust — to listen, to understand, to work collaboratively to take
care of people in need, to prioritize the expenditure of scarce resources and lay
the groundwork for a better future. Those people are Kathleen and Seth. They are
dedicated public servants, each with their own rich base of knowledge and
experience. Most importantly, they have track records of listening first, followed
by getting things done. Frankly, we find ourselves fortunate that people of their
stature are willing to take on the challenge. We are grateful and hope you will join
us in supporting them in their effort to support us.
Meg Kenny and Todd Ameden (Manchester Center)