Leslie Burg (Manchester Center)

To the Editor: October 3, 2020 

Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz Deserve our Vote. 

I met Kathleen James a few years ago, shortly after I moved to Manchester and  as her first campaign for Bennington 4 rep was ramping up. I am a former  municipal legislator in Newton, MA and was taken immediately by Kath’s  welcoming demeanor, her energy and optimism, and her thoughtful commitment  to values I share. I was also impressed by her genuine interest in what others  had to say, as well as her ability to listen without being judgmental or jumping to  conclusions. As a kid, she must have gotten an A on her report card for “Works  well with others”!  

Kathleen’s platform, which can be read on her website  

kathjamesforstaterep.com, presents issues of concern to her and her position on  them. It speaks clearly to her strong support for action to mitigate climate  change, to provide affordable and workforce housing, as well as a living wage and access to affordable healthcare, to expand broadband, to protect and  strengthen our mix of public and independent schools, creating good jobs that  will allow our young people to thrive and raise families here.  

Most importantly, Kath understands the connections between and among all these areas, how they impact one another and how taken together they can forge  a more equitable, more prosperous Vermont for all of us. She has demonstrated  her ability to work with other legislators, some with disparate views, to get things  done, no small feat these days when we seem to be defined by our divisions.  

What I saw in Kathleen during her first run for Bennington 4 representative that  led me to work for her election, has been proven true and has informed my  support for her once again.  

I don’t know Seth personally as I do Kath, but I do know his views align with hers  and his significant business background will be an asset. As a team, I believe  they will provide the excellent representation we in the Bennington 4 district want  and deserve, I am certain that all Vermonters will benefit from their election and I  strongly urge you to vote for Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz.  

Leslie Burg (Manchester Center)