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Victory Fund Endorses Kathleen James

A big thank you to the Victory Fund for their endorsement!
Victory Fund

Victory Fund

I’m one of only 218 candidates nationwide to be endorsed so far by the LGBTQ Victory Fund.
Victory Fund works to change the face and voice of America’s politics and achieve equality for LGBT Americans by increasing the number of openly LGBT elected officials at all levels of government. According to my official notification letter, the endorsement is “a powerful statement of your campaign’s viability and that resources invested in your campaign are a wise investment for donors.” Click here to see my Victory Fund page.

Plus: I’m the only candidate in the Bennington-4 house race to have received early endorsements from the Vermont Conservation VotersSierra Club VermontRights and Democracy, and Vermont State Employees’ Association. Please check out my Endorsements page to learn more about these organizations and the important work they’re accomplishing.

Endorsements from the Sierra Club and Rights & Democracy

What a whirlwind month! Thanks to everyone who turned out for the primary. I’ll continue to work hard to earn your vote in the general election.

Meanwhile, I’m grateful to the Sierra Club and to Rights & Democracy (RAD) for their early endorsements. Your support means a great to me and my campaign.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club
Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization — with three million members and supporters. Their successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. Click here to learn more about the Sierra Club.

Rights & Democracy

Rights & Democracy

We believe rights and democracy are won when people come together to make their

voices heard, so we’re building a strong movement and the people power necessary to win justice and improve the policies that affect us and our communities. From making sure that every worker earns a livable wage, to securing access to quality healthcare and education for all, we are active in a broad range of issues that people face every day.
Click here to learn more about RAD.

Endorsement: Vermont Conservation Voters

I’m the only candidate in the Bennington-4 house race to win an early endorsement from the Vermont Conservation Voters for my stance on environmental and climate-change issues. This endorsement means the world to me … literally.

Founded in 1982, VCV works to elect environmentally-friendly candidates to public office, and then holds elected officials accountable for the decisions they make affecting our air, water, communities, land, and wildlife.

After each legislative biennium, VCV publishes an Environmental Scorecard to highlight Vermont state legislators’ voting records on issues that impact the environment. These scorecards help provide voters with a clear record of who is voting in support of environmental priorities … and who isn’t.

VCV’s scorecard is one of the single most effective tools available to determine the true extent to which a candidate for office is committed to “green” public policy. In recent years, VCV has scored votes on clean energy, water quality, toxic chemicals, endangered species, healthy forests and working lands, and more.

I’m grateful to the many Northshire residents and local and statewide organizations who are taking the lead on these vital issues.

Learn more about VCV here:

Making the News: Grassroots Activists Summon Energy for Second Act

Thanks to correspondent Madeline Bodin, who wrote this article on grassroots activism for the June 30 edition of the Rutland Herald. Scroll down for a few quotes from yours truly:

“James doesn’t see her time as a grassroots activist as separate from her political career. For her, it’s all part of her ‘arc of activism.’

She said, ‘The Women’s March was a very powerful experience for me. I had stepped out of politics, and it was time to step back in. I will be motivated for the rest of my life by what I felt that day.'”

That’s for damn sure. Click here to read the article.


Endorsement: Vermont State Employees’ Association

Great news! I’m very proud to be the only candidate in the Bennington-4 house race to be endorsed by the Vermont State Employees’ Association.

With 6,000 members across the state, this union represents employees from Vermont state government, state colleges, the state housing authority, the Vermont judiciary system, and more. VSEA membership includes office workers, technicians, environmental experts, highway workers, engineers, law enforcement officers, agricultural specialists and human service professionals who keep Vermont State government running — public employees with over 1,200 job titles in every community across the state.

Thank you for the vote of confidence!